Current Projects

Through the years, the Lomas Santa Fe Group has demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify promising sites for new development throughout San Diego County. Our proven development capabilities along with our knowledge of complex regulatory environments, has also allowed us to gain significant traction in international markets, particularly Latin America. Working with local and foreign governments, the Lomas Santa Fe Group is recognized as one of the most accomplished project management professional groups that provides project conception, market research, site selection and planning, as well as coordination of engineering, architectural design, space planning, and construction management services.

The Lomas Santa Fe Group has numerous on-going projects in the San Diego area and is constantly looking for new investment and development opportunities. Some of our current projects include the following:

Breeze Hill Development Project
Vista, California
This project already has a 30,000 sq. ft. strip center with two additional pads. There is another 7 acres of land that is approved for office building development up to 150,000 sq. ft.
Gateway Otay Truck Park
Otay Mesa, California
This is the second phase of development to the existing industrial park, Gateway Otay Industrial Park, which will add another 7 acres of quality truck parking and storage facilities. Fully landscaped and fenced.
Estero Santa Barbara
Baja California, Mexico
Our premier international development project involving some valuable seaside property on the Sea of Cortez, known as Estero Santa Barbara. The Lomas Santa Fe Group is planning and developing a destination resort community unrivaled in the region. Baja Properties.

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